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SIGNI S/C Plastic Back Grinding Disc for Granite/Marble/Concrete and Glasses (36 Grit, 7 inch)
SIGNI 5 Pack SiC Plastic Back Grinding Wheel (7 INCH, 180MM)
SIGNI 5 Pack SiC Plastic Back Grinding Wheel for Granite/Marble/Concrete and Glasses
Needle cutting machine
anti-corrosion wear-resistant anti-oxidation ashless anti-climbing slideway oil
Lubricants Industrial Heavy Load Factory Gearbox Vehicle Truck Gear Oil
SIGNI Heat Transfer Fluid therminol heat transfer oil


Hypodermic needle Grinding wheel

Item No: NG01

Product Description

Hypodermic Needle Grinding Wheels  


 Hypodermic Needle Grinding Wheels are mainly used in grinding the medical needle point.


They have a very high strength. 

Grinding wheel for hypodermic needles are the appropriative wheel for hypodermic

needles (medical needles, medicinal needles), speed could be 50m/s.

It works with a good homogeneity and high efficiency.The hypodermic needles worked

with this wheels are high tartness and penetrability. 

Grain: GC600#,GC800#,GC1000#,GC1200#,GC1500#

Sizes:Dia. 150mm-450mm
Other special sizes could be produce according to order 

We are factory specializing in the manufacture and export of medical needle grinding 
wheels and needle cutting wheels for more than ten years. 

We export our needle gringing and cutting wheels to America, Europe and Korea  market, 
most regular orders from clients are grinding wheels GC1200 J1 OD=405xL=125xID=127 and cutting wheels 180X0.5X25.4 ,usually our products are used to replace Noritake brand.