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anti-corrosion wear-resistant anti-oxidation ashless anti-climbing slideway oil
Lubricants Industrial Heavy Load Factory Gearbox Vehicle Truck Gear Oil
SIGNI Heat Transfer Fluid therminol heat transfer oil
Cutting Oil for Optical Glass Cutting
Cutting Tool Accessories for CNC glass Cutting Machine
Belt Sander Rubber Contact Wheel 350X50mm
Belt Sander Rubber Contact Wheel 300X50mm
Belt Sander Rubber Contact Wheel150X50mm


High Quality Stamping Metal Forming Fluid formulated with mineral oil extreme pressure additives

Item No: POL

Product Description

* Quickly evaporates, keeping the job light and the workpiece does not stick or get stuck.
* Colorless and clean features keep the machine and operating environment clean.
* With extreme pressure anti-wear additives, 100 percent longer die life.
* Low viscosity, excellent cooling performance.
* Excellent lubricity, significantly improve the product finish.
* It evaporates rapidly, completely volatilizes at 140°C for 3 minutes, and has no residue. It is the most widely used.
* It is safe and environmentally friendly, does not contain any harmful chemicals, and protects the health of users.