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CeO2 polishing film

Item No: PP01

Product Description

The product grinding aid is the good shaped micro or nanometer Ceo2 micro powder with high   concentrated granularity and perfect polishing performance.  
Adherend adopts the macromolecule material and has the perfect characteristics of water proof and alcohol resistance
Base materials are high strength film with the features of good heat resistance and stretch proof 
Unique formulation technique ensures the evenly suspension of the grinding aid granularity
Stable high quality and little difference of different batches
high strength and good flexility of coating film ensure an ideal polishing effort
Specification and types:
Red Ceo2
White Ceo2
Two grades of 1-2um \0.3-0.5um
Two grades of 1-2um \0.3-0.5um
Polishing film specification
Round film :Φ70mm, Φ110mm, Φ127mm(5inch), Φ203mm(8inch)
Quadrate film : 114mm×114mm, 152mm×152mm(6inch), 228mm*228mm(9inch)
Special products can be customized according to customersrequirements
Can be used for the final polishing of fiber optical and precise polishing of fiber components
Recommended optical fiber polishing technique: five steps are as follows: 
      SC30/15 glue removal
      D9 coarse polishing
      D3 medium polishing
      D1 fine polishing 
      Ceo2 final polishing
Important notes:
1. Clean the surface of Ceo2 polishing film with alcohol before using.
2.  Moisten the rubber mat and put the Ceo2 polishing film carefully on it to make them adhere     totally
3.  Drop 2-4ml polishing slurry to the polishing film(SOQ-12D0 is recommended) and put the jigs  carefully on it to avoid unexpected scratch.
4.  Set the polishing time and pressure when using and clean the polishing film after usage

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