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Poly Diamond Alumina Silica  Sapphire polishing slurry
Poly Diamond Alumina Silica CMP Sapphire Polishing Slurry Suspension
CMP Polishing Slurry Suspension Precise Polishing
Other CMP Polishing Slurry
SIGNI S/C Plastic Back Grinding Disc for Granite/Marble/Concrete and Glasses (36 Grit, 7 inch)
SIGNI 5 Pack SiC Plastic Back Grinding Wheel (7 INCH, 180MM)
SIGNI 5 Pack SiC Plastic Back Grinding Wheel for Granite/Marble/Concrete and Glasses


SIGNI Soluble Cutting Oil Glass Cutting Fluids For Machine Tools Metal Working Fluid

Item No: TC101

Product Description

Performance Overview
This product is highly lubricated , biologically stable water-soluble synthetic glass cutting fluid, colorless to light yellow transparent liquid, no pungent odor, with good cooling, settling, lubrication, cleaning and rust resistance properties, safe and non-toxic. The use of TC101 can obtain the ideal processing effect, improve the product yield and processing efficiency, and can prolong the service life of the tool. The recommended ratio is 1:20-1:15.
Excellent stability: The unique stability system can be used for a long time.
Good settling property: excellent settling property of debris, avoiding the second scraping of debris on the workpiece.
Good lubricity: EXCELLENT lubrication performance, meet the harsh requirements of the optical lens on the machining surface, reduce the proportion of burr and sandcollapse.
Good biological stability: effective resistance to bacteria and mold, cutting fluid long service life, minimize emissions.
Safety and environmental protection: this product does not contain sodium nitrite and other harmful ingredients; No chlorine, high environmental fit.
Main purpose
Precision grinding, cutting, drilling and chamfering of all kinds of glass and ceramic materials, especially touch screen mobile phone glass.
Customers according to their own processing material requirements to choose the appropriate proportion of water to use, reduce waste, the higher the general concentration, the better the rust and lubrication effect.
The appearance of the stock solution will have a slight yellowing for a long time is a normal phenomenon, will not affect the processing effect.
Do not mix with other cutting fluid when using, please add stock solution and water according to proportion when adding liquid, can not directly add water.