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anti-corrosion wear-resistant anti-oxidation ashless anti-climbing slideway oil
Lubricants Industrial Heavy Load Factory Gearbox Vehicle Truck Gear Oil
SIGNI Heat Transfer Fluid therminol heat transfer oil
Cutting Oil for Optical Glass Cutting
Cutting Tool Accessories for CNC glass Cutting Machine
Belt Sander Rubber Contact Wheel 350X50mm
Belt Sander Rubber Contact Wheel 300X50mm
Belt Sander Rubber Contact Wheel150X50mm


Rubber Bonded Regulating Wheel/Feed Wheel/Control Wheel

Item No: RB02

Product Description


Regulating/Feed wheels are used in centerless grinding 

as a control and feed wheel.

     Regulating/Feed wheels


Used in centerless grinding as a control and feed wheel





Better resiliency

Better suface finish



Reduces chatter tendency



Greater shock absorption





Better gripping power

Less slippage



Dimensional accuracy



Less rejection




Popular Size:

230 x 100 x 76.2mm

A 80 LR T1


230 x 150 x 76.2mm

A 80 LR T1





300 x 150 x 127mm

A 80 RRE


RBS 200 x 40mm






300 x 200 x 127mm

A 80 RRE


RBS 200 x 40mm






300 x 250 x 127mm 


350 x 150 x 152.4mm 




A ( Brown Aluminum Oxide ), WA ( White Aluminum Oxide )


C ( Black Silicon Carbide ), GC ( Green Silicon Carbide


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