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Poly Diamond Alumina Silica  Sapphire polishing slurry
Poly Diamond Alumina Silica CMP Sapphire Polishing Slurry Suspension
CMP Polishing Slurry Suspension Precise Polishing
Other CMP Polishing Slurry
SIGNI S/C Plastic Back Grinding Disc for Granite/Marble/Concrete and Glasses (36 Grit, 7 inch)
SIGNI 5 Pack SiC Plastic Back Grinding Wheel (7 INCH, 180MM)
SIGNI 5 Pack SiC Plastic Back Grinding Wheel for Granite/Marble/Concrete and Glasses


Diamond lapping compound

Item No: CB07

Product Description

We have more than forty years’ history of the synthetic diamond compound since 1965. Many series of polishing 

products have been developed, such as diamond compound, diamond slurry, polishing powder, conventional 

compound and fiber sticks. At present, the products have been widely used in many fields at home and abroad. 

comparable chart for grit size and color of diamond compound: