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Cutting Oil for Optical Glass Cutting
Cutting Tool Accessories for CNC glass Cutting Machine
Belt Sander Rubber Contact Wheel 350X50mm
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flap disc making machine
high grade aluminium flap disc


Pipe Polishing CNS Discs

Item No: CS08

Product Description

High wear resistance, high efficiency, low-cost new generation of electric and pneumatic grinding tool, and has obtained national patent.

 It is based on high-strength wear-resistant fiber mesh as a substrate, and nylon resin, elastomers, and high-quality silicon carbide using an organic combination of a special process to form a high strength, high wear-resistant, honeycomb, software, grinding wheel.

This product is especially suitable for manufacturers of tubing casing processing interface thread at the burr, oxide layers, its greatest benefit is easy to remove burrs, etc., are not going to screw a little bit of body damage, excellent results, saving labor provincial fiscal ;More effective than the traditional products such as flap discs and flap wheels.

As many export-oriented production and processing pipe manufacturers have realized the importance of dealing with glitches and to get a perfect quality assurance, this can greatly enhance the market competitiveness of the pipe, so that through our efforts, are all over the country a lot of casing, tubing production and processing factories are in use (such as: Tianjin Dagang Oil Field, etc.), dealing with a burr sleeve just a few seconds to solve all of the current steel production and processing base in the need to address the issue thread casing interfaces. 



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