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Clean N Strip Discs

Item No: CS01

Product Description

Cup wheel: Black, Blue,

Lid: Plastic, fibre 


Part No Overall Diameter Inner Diameter Max Speed 

                mm                         mm                      RPM           
CS0101  90                       16                          11500 
CS0102  100                     16, 22                   11500 
CS0103  115                      22                         11500 
CS0104  125                      22                         8500 
CS0105  150                      22                         9500 
CS0106  180                      22                         6500 

Cleaning welds, removing corrosion, rust, and scaling. 
Removing paints, varnishes and sealants from difficult to reach surfaces. 

Blending: Rapid removal of surface contaminants. 

Size(mm)  MIN. PKG 
90*16  12 
100*16/22  12 
115*22  12 
125*22  12 
150*22  5 
180*22  5 
200*22  5 

(1)It is safe, environmental,high-efficiency and low cost.

(2) it gathers the advantage of grinding disc and sand paper Abrasive Disc:

(3)Reduces rework required after using some traditional coating and contaminated removal methods by leavingthe original substrate with minimal abrasion.

(4)Open web provides maximum load - resistance while maintaining cutting efficiency throughout the life of the disc.

(5)Reduces risk of undercutting and gouging Safer than Wire Technology

(6).Provides an alternative to wire technology and reduces the risk of injury from loose flying wire elements to employees in the workplace. *

(7)Open web non-loading design will dissipate heat and help to reduce warp lines,  burning and discolouration.

(8)Faster Maximum Operating Speeds

(9).Withthe support from the raised hub, you can now run the Scotch-Brite Cleanand strip Disc faster than ever before allowing the use of larger size discs on angle grinders instead of only sander polishers.

 (10).The faster speeds allow the product to complete the task faster than ever before.


APPLICATIONS of the Scotch- Brite Clean & Strip

 *XT-DC PURPLE Disk Maintenance Cleaning

*.Gasket removal and clean up

*.Removal of painted epoxies *.Pipeline cleaning *.Pump refurbishment and maintenance *

.*Weather board reconditioning

*.Guttering and downpipe reconditioning Pre/Post Weld Cleaning

*.Pre weld contamination and scale clean up

*.Post weld blueing removal

*.Removal of light weld splatter Surface Coating Removal *.Rust *.Oxidation *.Paint *.Inks *.Gasket adhesive.